Ways Local Businesses Can Take Advantage Of The Latest TikTok Craze

Did you know that following the latest trends can be an effective marketing strategy for local businesses? 

Platforms such as TikTok are used by millions of consumers all over the world. TikTok alone is said to have over 100 million users. Trends are constantly emerging, and local businesses would be smart to join in.

When you take advantage of Tik Tok crazes, it increases your chances of going viral. More people will see your posts, and it also helps to add personality to your brand. 

So, how do you utilize Tik Tok trends in your business? Below you’ll discover 5 methods you can follow.

Search For The Latest Challenges

The easiest way to start utilizing Tik Tok trends is to follow existing challenges. The platform always has a range of viral challenges you can partake in to help market your business.

When searching for the latest challenges, make sure you stick to ones that are in your niche. These are more likely to appeal to your audience and won’t come across like you are trying to fit in for the sake of it.

If you are stuck for inspiration, you can search for current events. Look at the hot topics on the platform and look to see if any align with your business values. For example, climate change is commonly a hot topic, providing an opportunity for businesses to advertise their sustainability. 

You can also browse your “Everyone’s For You” section to identify current trends in your industry.

Put Your Own Spin On The Trend

Once you have found a trend that you feel is perfect for your local business, it’s time to put your own spin on it.

Ideally, you’ll want to get your employees involved in the video. However, you could enlist the help of an influencer if preferred. Make sure your brand information is displayed in the video, and consider how you can add your own touch to the challenge. 

See What Other Brands Are Doing

If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not check out the competition? What challenges and trends are your competitors utilizing and are they seeing any benefits from them?

By researching your competitors on Tik Tok, you can see what you should be doing and learn from anything they get wrong. 

As well as joining in with existing trends, it can really pay off to focus on up-and-coming trends. These are basically video challenges and topics that have the potential to go viral. 

Granted, it can be difficult to find trends this way. However, it will give you a bigger return than existing trends. With less competition, you’ll be seen as one of the first to adopt the upcoming trend. 

A great way to find upcoming trends is to create an additional Tik Tok account. Don’t engage with any posts on the additional account, just use it for the “Everyone’s For You” section. This will show content you wouldn’t otherwise see on your main profile. 

Look out for any similar videos which could highlight an up-and-coming trend. 

Create Your Own Challenge  

Why follow the crowd when you can create your own challenge? Now that you have a good idea of the types of challenges businesses participate in, it’s time to put your knowledge to use.

Creating your own challenge takes a significant amount of time and effort. You will need to research extensively and set clear rules for the challenge. You need to consider the fact that people will end up participating in the challenge you have created. This means you’ll need to ensure it is safe and doesn’t pose any dangers.

Remember to set a hashtag for your challenge so it can be found and shared easily. Try and come up with a catch challenge name to increase the chances people will join in. 

The above are 5 ways local businesses can take advantage of the latest Tik Tok crazes. The platform is one of the most popular social media channels right now. It offers a lot of marketing opportunities for businesses, particularly when following the latest trends.

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