How to Use an Opt-In Report for Local Business

Did you know that one of the best ways to generate new leads and boost your profits, is to offer an opt-in report? 

Opt-ins are highly effective at attracting new customers and building up your email list. While there are a lot of different products you could offer, reports tend to provide the biggest results.

So, what is an opt-in report and how can you use one to benefit your local business? Find out everything you need to know below.

What is an opt-in report?

An opt-in report is a piece of content you offer new subscribers. If they opt in to your email list, they’ll receive a free report.

The report can be on any topic related to your industry. Ideally, it should answer a specific problem your customers or clients have. 

Opt in reports tend to be between 1000 and 3000 words long. They provide valuable information your customers will find useful, without giving too much away. 

When done correctly, an opt-in report will:

  • Greatly increase opt-ins
  • Build up trust customer trust
  • Increase word of mouth marketing efforts

These are just the main benefits you can expect to experience when you offer a good opt-in report. 

How to use an opt-in report for your local business

Now that you know what an opt-in report is and the benefits it can deliver, the question is how do you use them?

If you want to make sure your opt-in report delivers best results, here’s what you’ll need to do… 

Make sure you understand your audience

You’ll find it almost impossible to get results from an opt-in report if you don’t understand your audience. You need to know who your target audience is, and what their main problems are. 

Once you have a good understanding of your audience, you’ll be able to produce a report they’ll love. 

Focus on solving just one problem

The main goal of an opt-in report is to help your audience solve a problem. Ideally, you will want to focus on the biggest challenge your customers face. 

If you can help them to solve something, they are much more likely to make a purchase from you. It shows you care about your customers and the issues they have.  

Focus on a common generic problem where you can. If you offer a report based upon a current economic issue for example, your report may become out of date very quickly.  

Don’t give too much away

When creating your opt-in report, remember not to give too much away. You want to leave the customer wanting more, rather than give them everything they need for free!

The report should be informative, and solve part of the customer’s problem. Your products and services should solve the other part. 

Market your offer

Once you have your opt-in report ready to go, it’s time to market it. This means including information about the offer on your website, alongside advertising it on social media and through email marketing. 

If your audience doesn’t know the report exists, they aren’t going to take advantage of it. So, let them know what the report is and why they need it. 

Also, don’t forget to provide information about what they are opting into. What type of emails will they receive and how often will they receive them? 

Being transparent about the content you plan to send will ensure they remain a subscriber. After all, it’s pointless having a great opt-in offer if subscribers opt-out quickly.  

Ensure the report is easy to download

This goes without saying, but the opt-in report should be easy to access. Once someone opts-in, they should receive an instant email telling them how to access the report. 

You can set up automatic emails so the customer receives them in a timely manner. Ideally, they should be able to download the report right from the email itself. If it isn’t easy to access, they will simply forget it and unsubscribe from your list.  

As you can see, opt-in reports can be a great way to boost subscriber numbers. The above are the main ways to use one to benefit your local business. When done correctly, they can generate a lot of new leads, as well as boost conversions.   

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