National Museum of Ireland – Archaelogy

The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology is a branch of the main museum, which is located at Kildare St, Dublin 2. This museum specializes in Irish and other antiquities, ranging from the Stone Age to the Late Middle Ages. Whether you’re a history buff or just love a good collection of old artefacts, this is the place to visit, but make sure not to miss this place of interest.

The museum is free to visit and there are several permanent and temporary exhibitions. The first exhibition is devoted to the Early Iron Age, presenting objects dating back to 250,000 years. The museum also features artefacts from ancient Rome and the Wild Geese. The Clonycavan Man, a specimen of a prehistoric Irish man, was discovered in 2003 by harvesters. The exhibitions include a Van Dyke beard and hair gel made from resin. The exhibits also feature archaeological finds from the surrounding area, including a rare Landsverk tank and an armoured car.

The exhibition “Kingship & Sacrifice” focuses on four bog bodies of unknown origin. Among these is the iconic Clonycavan man, discovered during peat harvesting. It’s one of the closest Bronze Age Celtic men to our present-day culture. This is an immersive, moody display featuring many pieces from the museum’s collections. And if you’re into Vikings, be sure to visit the permanent exhibition, “Kinship and Sacrifice,” which traces the history of life during the Viking era.

The museum features four different branches, including the Natural History branch on Merrion Street, Decorative Arts and History branch in Dublin 7 and the Country Life branch in Co. Mayo. The Archaeology section has a huge permanent collection, which is the museum’s focus. There are also some temporary exhibitions that last for a while, but the majority of visitors spend their time at this attraction.

The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology is one of the best-known museums in Ireland. It houses more than 500,000 objects dating from prehistoric times to the middle ages. The collections of this museum include the 8th century Tara Brooch and half a dozen bog men. The Treasury Collection features the largest collection of the collection and is a must-see.

The National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology is a must-visit museum for history buffs. Its collection of Celtic, Roman, and Greek artefacts includes numerous examples of carved wooden bog bodies and stone vessels. The National Museum of a particular region can be found at a local archaeological site, which is often the best place to view a treasure.

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