EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum

If you have a love for Irish history, you may want to visit EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum located at The Chq Building, Custom House Quay, North Dock, Dublin 1. This museum covers the history of emigration to other countries and the diaspora. Designed by Event Communications of London, the museum was recently awarded Europe’s Leading Tourist Attraction. Among the many reasons to visit this fascinating museum is its permanent exhibits on the subject of emigration.

The EPIC museum is one of the fastest growing tourist attractions in Dublin. It is a 200,000 square foot building that was completely renovated and outfitted in 2014. Its founder, Neville Isdell, noticed that there was a growing affinity for the Irish diaspora and decided to build an emigration museum to showcase this. Unlike most museums, the EPIC aims to be a destination for tourists.

The museum is a modern museum and is completely digital. You can explore the galleries in 90 minutes. There are twenty exhibits that include images, videos, and interactive displays. The exhibits are organized by themes, including Migration, Motivation, Influence, and Diaspora Today. You can even learn more about the history of the Irish diaspora by visiting the exhibition. The best part of EPIC is the unique experience it offers.

The EPIC is a privately owned museum. It was founded by Neville Isdell, a former chair of The Coca-Cola Company. In fact, it is so popular that Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs now liaises with the museum during foreign official visits. Ambassadors and foreign dignitaries find it more entertaining than small talk. In addition to its informative exhibits, the EPIC is fun and interactive for children. The website has child-friendly downloads and videos for younger visitors, and a virtual tour.

It is located in the CHQ building, near Trinity College and O’Connell Street. The EPIC is open 24 hours a day, and it is an excellent place to spend your day. This museum is a must-see destination if you are in Dublin. It’s a fully digital museum. You’ll learn about the history of Irish emigration through hands-on experience.

The museum is located in the CHQ building vaults, and the exhibition is three-and-a-half times bigger than the previous EPIC. The CHQ has a modern architecture, and EPIC has an impressively high quality interior. Besides, its design is also impressive, and it has been designed by Event Communications, the same team that designed the Titanic Belfast. The Irish Emigration Museum is a must-see attraction for history lovers in Ireland.

A trip to the EPIC museum is a worthwhile experience for history buffs and tourists. The prices of the museum vary according to the age group and the number of people visiting the museum. You may also want to spend time in the nearby restaurants and pubs, which are also worth a visit. This museum is a must-see for history lovers in Dublin. The location is excellent, and it is easy to reach by public transport.

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