Phoenix Park Monument

In Phoenix Park, you can see the Phoenix Monument. This corinthian column with a bird on top is erected in 1747 by Lord Chesterfield. It was removed during the early twentieth century to allow for motor racing in the park, but was restored to its original location in 1990. It is located at Chesterfield Ave, Phoenix Park, Dublin. There are several car parks in the park.

Phoenix Park is larger than Hyde Park in London and twice the size of Central Park in New York City. It contains several historical sites, including the Wellington Monument, which is a 205-foot-high obelisk that is dedicated to the Duke of Wellington. The monument was meant to commemorate Wellington’s victories, and was a replica of his statue on horseback.

The monument was completed in 1861, but funds ran out before the final 16 feet were added. The crowning statue wasn’t added, so the monument remains incomplete. However, bronze reliefs were added to the monument in the late nineteenth century. The eastern side contains an imperialist inscription, “As Asia and Europe saved by thee, we proclaim thee invincible in war; round thy brow and civic oak twine for every earthly glory.” Unfortunately, the monument was destroyed by the IRA in 1966.

The Wellington Monument, which is located in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, is the tallest obelisk in Western Europe. Phoenix Park is also the largest enclosed park in Western Europe. It is a magnificent structure. Although Wellington, who was born in County Meath, was not an Irishman, the monument is still an impressive sight.


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