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About BeaconSites Website Designers

Spotlighting Your Business On The Internet!

We are a team of website designers based in Dublin, Ireland offering several Digital Marketing Services to clients in Ireland and UK.
We also have offices in Florida servicing clients in USA and Canada. Our Design Team and Partners are located in Ireland, USA and India.

BeaconSites was founded in 2005 by Lee Graham who has been involved with Information Technology since the late 1970.
We signed up our first client for web design and we are proud to say we are still providing services to this client since then.

We choose the name BeaconSites because those two words summarises what we aim to achieve for our clients.

Beacon – a light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration
Site – A location on the World Wide Web, consisting of one or more Web pages accessible at a single address

So when we design a website for a client we are creating a BeaconSite with the purpose of helping our client attract new customers and repeat customers into his/her business. We do this by leveraging our expertise with Website Design and Digital Marketing Technologies.


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